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Priory of the Black Spork

Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur

Defender of the Black Spork
1 September 1977
My photography: deviantArt

If you have any photography projects you could use help with, let me know.

a perfect circle, adaptation, ai, ambient, animals, ansel adams, anti-fundamentalism, anti-globalization, anti-racism, anti-war, artificial intelligence, atheism, bass, beavers, biodiversity, black, bondage, chaos theory, chemistry, cindy sheehan, collide, complex adaptive systems, computer science, conspiracy theories, corsetry, corsets, delerium, democratic socialism, dork tower, douglas adams, ecology, eddie izzard, environment, evolution, fall foliage, farscape, fashion, fetish, fetish fashion, fetish photography, flying spaghetti monster, fractals, free culture, free information, frontline assembly, genetic algorithms, gerald durrell, goth, goth outings, green party, greg palast, healthy dissent, hiking, hobble skirts, home recording, howard zinn, human rights, immortal technique, incredible expanding mindfuck, industrial, indymedia, james herriot, john willie, kevin smith, kittens, kmfdm, kurt vonnegut, lacuna coil, left hand path, lucid dreaming, machine learning, monogloves, mountain biking, music, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, noam chomsky, nyc, o&a, opeth, paintball, peace, photography, pink floyd, porcupine tree, preacher, programming, pvc, questioning authority, radiohead, rain, rasputina, reading, reading between the lines, richard dawkins, rpgs, rutgers, sandman, second vermont republic, secular humanism, shibari, skirts, sporks, stanley kubrick, switchblade symphony, the orb, the simpsons, third frequency, tolkien, tool, tori amos, transmetropolitan, vertigo, xm, Высоцкий